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Since 1984, GCC Printers has been an innovator in combining reliable hardware and revolutionary software to produce high-performance computer peripherals. From their headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts, GCC has established a commitment to quality and affordability.

GCC Printers is a privately held, high-technology developer of laser printers. GCC has been a leader in printer technology satisfying the extremely demanding output needs of graphic arts professionals for over 10 years. Today, GCC applies all of that knowledge to a full line of exceptional business printers: a family of printers that gives you the quality, reliability, flexibility, and value you demand. Whether you need a printer with high speed, large-format output, camera-ready output, or just about anything in between, there's a GCC product that's right for you and your business. In addition, our exclusive Platinum Exchange Program backs every printer that is purchased direct. If anytime during the warranty period a printer problem can't be resolved through GCC Technical Support, we'll send you a replacement printer by the next business day. No downtime while waiting for repairs.

GCC is recognized worldwide as a leader in price and performance. All GCC products can be purchased direct in the United States, Canada and Australia. GCC Germany and GCC United Kingdom serve the European markets, while a number of authorized GCC distributors in the Pacific Rim and Middle East serve other international customers.

Industry Roots

GCC was founded in 1981 during the onset of the video game craze. C.E.O. Kevin Curran and MIT classmates Doug Macrae, John Tylko, Chris Rode, Steve Golson and Mike Horowitz began by developing an enhancement for Atari's "Missile Command" and went on to create "Ms. Pac Man", still one of the top-selling coin-operated video games in history. Between 1982 and 1984, GCC developed a total of 58 consumer electronics products that generated over $800 million in revenue for Atari and Bally Manufacturing.

In 1984, anticipating dramatic changes in the electronics market, GCC began designing products for the newly-introduced Apple Macintosh® computer. GCC's most critical success was the HyperDrive, the first internal hard disk drive for the Macintosh.

From there GCC went on to develop the Personal Laser Printer (PLP), the Macintosh's first QuickDraw laser printer, followed by the WriteMove portable printer, the WideWriter large-format ink-jet printer as well as the ColorFast desktop digital film recorder. With these and a host of other output devices, GCC Printers established themselves as the leader in desktop solutions for price and performance in the laser printer industry.

Today, GCC offers a wide range of monochrome PostScript® and PCL laser printers compatible with Macintosh, Windows®, Unix and Novell® platforms. The Elite, Elite XL and Elite Color families of laser printers reflect the innovation that is integral to GCC's past, present and future, and demonstrates the constants that have made GCC successful: quality, affordability, and reliability.

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